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I am Bob "Gally" Gallagher, a passionate photographer born and raised in Chicago. I blame my passion for photography on the best parents anyone could ask for. As a family, we had a Sunday tradition of traveling to different neighborhoods and eating dinner together. While exploring our great city, I was exposed to incredible sights and sounds. Then my parents gave me my first camera. I quickly became extremely fascinated, more by the sights than sounds, and tried to capture them.


I truly believe Chicago is one of the greatest cities on this earth - From the Loop to the Drive, to the Grit and Grime - I Love Chicago. As much as I love the city itself, I relish the challenge of trying to capture it through my photographs. The camera allows me to share my visions, experiences and observations.


My subjects vary day to day and week by week, and I can't wait for the next one to grab my attention. An aging but colorful mural, a shiny new 'L' car, or a rusty door in a dark alley - all equally catch my eye.


My photographs are the result of hours of 'hunting' and immeasurable passion for the art of photography. I dedicate this endeavor to my parents who have always encouraged and supported my ideas, and I hope you enjoy my photography.

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